Genetic Species

Genetic Species is a first-person shooter and it is one of my major projects that I made when I was between 18 to 21 years old. This Amiga game was released in May, 1998 by the British software company 'Vulcan Software' in 18 countries and 16 languages and it became the company's most acclaimed game. I was in entire development period from 1995 to 1998 the only programmer working on the game-engine, which consisted of 18,000 lines assembler code written for the 680x0 processor. I have spent months, if not years getting the game-engine to run smoothly on the limited hardware of the Amiga. I even developed a simple programming language for the game that was used to express the game logic. I also implemented a Artificial Intelligence component for the enemies, which used a clever path-finder algorithm to navigate the maze.
To see a YouTube video of Genetic Species click here.

Shaders On ShaderToy

I really enjoy making shaders and the ShaderToy community is a great place to get inspired.

See some of my shaders on ShaderToy here.


This is my contribution to the South Sealand demo-party in 1996. The AGA Amiga demo 'RiverHorse' got the 2nd place at the demo-party in Denmark. The story behind the title is that it was popular after the danish christmas TV show called 'The Julekalender' to translate danish words directly to english in a really bad way as long as the result was more fun than than doing it correctly. RiverHorse is the danish word for Hippopotamus translated into English in the 'The Julekalender' way. The scene where you enters the hippo is the kind of humor that you have when you're a teenager. :-)
To see YouTube video click here.

Xmascard Game

This christmas game was sent out to people on the TurnTool mailing list back in December 2005 as a christmas greeting. The game was developed in cooperation with True2Life. Features such a changable fog and others were added to make this game possible. To see the YouTube video click here.



Per Bloksgaard was the main programmer of the TurnToolBox software.
The TurnToolBox is a 3D software package for 3D solutions such as web configurators, 3D visualizations and walk throughs.

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