OpenFreeForm Technology

OpenFreeForm is a resolution independent GUI system where all shapes are defined by mathematical curves making it possible to represent any GUI in any resolution while maintaining sharp edges and perfect antialiasing.
The OpenFreeForm GUI system handles all graphical operations directly on the GPU and have by some been called the new .SVG format.
By using the userfriendly editor you can draw any scape in a clear and efficient way and test how your design respond to changes in resolution and aspect ratio.
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TurnTool Technology

From 2001 to 2011 I was CTO and co-founder in a company called TurnTool that created a proprietary 3D graphics engine able to display 3D inside the browser and this was long before WebGL worked in all browsers. Here are a few video-clips from projects that I worked on and that uses the TurnTool engine.
Click here to see it. Visit the TurnTool website here.

The Z3D Engine

From 1999 to 2001 I was the lead programmer in a small team that created a proprietary 3D graphics engine from scratch. This 3D engine was called Z3D and it was a breakthrough in technology at the time in fields of interactive visual communication, online games, 3D walkthroughs and product visualizations. The Z3D engine was later rewritten into the engine behind the TurnTool technology. Click here to visit the Z3D website.

Interactive photorealistic 3D in any browser

This is a video of the KeyShotVR technology, which I single-handedly developed for Luxion. KeyShotVR makes it possible to interact with photorealistic 3D models via the internet from all computers and mobile devices including the ones that doesn't support WebGL. The KeyShotVR technology has been patented by Luxion in 2012. Click here to see live demos.

My YouTube Channel

Believe it or not, but sometimes I actually find time to make a video of what I am working on.
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Per Bloksgaard was the main programmer of the TurnToolBox software.
The TurnToolBox is a 3D software package for 3D solutions such as web configurators, 3D visualizations and walk throughs.

TurnTool website  |  TurnTool video