Huawei Technologies Research & Development UK Ltd

As part of a small team in London, I worked with PathTracing, Global Illumination, ReSTIR, Neural Rendering and many other techniques, in order to research, design and implement highly optimized novel rendering algorithms using Vulkan, GLSL, CUDA, C++, CMake and python on Windows, Ubuntu Linux and Android. See images from some of my realtime demos implemented for Huawei R&D UK on this page.

Sentio Simulations - VISTRA - Training and visualization system.

For the Vistra visualization and training system, I developed a set of tools based on Machine learning that enabled the computer to understand how to position the virtual 3D camera for each operation in an assembly line without human involvement. Other one of the my projects was to implement a softbody dynamics system for simulating flexible objects such as wires and cables using C# and Unity. A compute shader is used for the physical simulation of the cables and wires while a realtime bezier raymarcher is used for rendering. See more here.

TurnTool - Online Realtime 3D

From 2001 to 2011 I had my own company called TurnTool. In this period I worked on a tremendous amount of different projects ranging from product and architecture visualizations, configurators, product manuals, tech demos and games. All these projects used the TurnTool Viewer as their platform. I was the main programmer of the TurnTool Viewer, so one piece of software had to work for all these different kind of visualizations. I was also responsible for adding the new features that were required by our incoming projects, while at the same time keeping backwards compatibility with all previous TurnTool visualizations made by us and the 300 other companies that had purchased a license for the TurnToolBox software.
To the TurnTool examples here.

LEGO Building Instructions App

While working for LEGO System A/S I found a solution to a problem that had troubled them for years. The result became a new 3D brick rendering system called EdgeFx. EdgeFx are used to render realtime round-edge bricks in all visual applications for iOS, Android, Windows, OSX and also the web-platforms IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The EdgeFx rendering system was first used in LEGO's building instructions app which was released in December 2013.
Find out more in this YouTube video.

TurnTool - Light Render - Global Illumination - Pathtracing

When rendering a TurnTool scene in realtime it's possible to save out a screenshot in high resolution using a progressive antialiasing technique. However the lighting of the scene is done with texture baking techniques, so in order to increase the quality of the light simulation the Light Render product was introduced into the TurnTool ecosystem. From any TurnTool scene a high quality photorealistic image could be ordered and scheduled onto our servers in a fully automated process. Once this photorealistic image was done rendering, a link was sent to the customer.
Images created by the Light Render software, can be found here.

Cylindo RoomPlanner

When I worked for Cylindo ApS in Copenhagen, I was from 2014 to 2015 part of a small development team that used Unity3D to standardize the company's builder and room-planner software products. I also developed an advanced grouping system for working with multiple 3D objects. This grouping system was first used in the LoveSac App. Cylindo's software products can run on an iPad, as well as online in a browser either using WebGL or the Unity plug-in. The Room-planner software allows the end-user to configure furniture products in their own virtual house before they are bought.
Find out more in this YouTube video.

Bang & Olufsen - BeoSound 5 Encore

In 2011 I was part of the team that developed, tested and completed the software for Bang & Olufsen's BeoSound 5 Encore. BeoSound 5 Encore is an elegant plug-n-play solution to having your music close at hand. This music system gives you a great overview of your entire music collection and allows you to easily access more than 13,000 internet radio stations. I used remote debugging to discover and resolve multiple software issues on the target, a PowerPC platform running Wind River Linux. See a YouTube video of the product here.

Unity Studios - WDA2020

In 2020 while working for Unity Studios I was only programmer on a WebGL project for Aarhus School of Architecture. Due to Covid-19, Aarhus School of Architecture was forced to think outside the box for that year's graduation exhibition and they decided to move the exhibition from the real to the virtual world. While viewing the WDA exhibition you can navigate the columns in real-time 3D using mouse and keyboard. Click each column that were created by one of the 82 new architects to see the unique architectural project behind it. My software development challenges in this project where many. Everything from shader and camera-controller development to figuring out how to embed WebGL content together with a responsive HTML design that uses SVG vector graphics for pixel perfect edges in any screen resolution. Working together with Jonas Stjernholm in our team at Unity Studios. We figured out how to optimize the 3D models of the columns and how to render them in real-time under the limitations of WebGL. We believe that this project turned out pretty well and thanks to everyone involved.
Click the link below to visit the WDA exhibition.
This is a good example of how you use innovation to turn a difficult situation into something inspirational.

Balcony Configurator Project

This video of a balcony configurator was implemented using the TurnTool 3D technology and it used the merge feature where the downloaded 3D assets are added to the existing scene at runtime.

To see YouTube video click here.

Virtual 3D Library

The demo of a virtual library was made back in 2010 to show how a library can use 3D to give the user a better way to browse the content of the library.
To see the YouTube video click here.



Per Bloksgaard was the main programmer of the TurnToolBox software.
The TurnToolBox is a 3D software package for 3D solutions such as web configurators, 3D visualizations and walk throughs.

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